CocoaHeads Sydney on again for July

After WWDC We’re back in business with CocoaHeads again, with two awesome talks to kick-start the second half of the year. Nathan de Vries is continuing the UI automated testing theme from a few months ago with a talk on Frank and his Cucumber. Alan Rogers will be describing a set of practices for safe multi-threading of Core Data. Both Nathan and Alan are speakers at Swipe conference, so come along for a free taste!

Unfortunately I will miss out on these excellent talks, so Craig Stanford will be hosting you all at NineMSN as per the previous few months. NineMSN is the building above Australia Square (which is ironic, since the building is round). 264-278 George St, Sydney.

Google Maps link:

We are meeting on Level 7 in the Manhattan room. Level 7 is public access and the room is directly in front of the lifts. The lifts do lock down level 7 at some point though, so if the lift won’t take you to level 7 give Craig a buzz on (TBA). Don’t call me because I’m in Scotland!


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