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WatchKit meet LIFX by Mark Aufflick

At last weeks Sydney CocoaHeads, barely 24 hours after WatchKit was released, I thought it would be a good idea to demo a little app I wrote to control a wifi-controlled light globe from LIFX. It went surprisingly ok! Hope

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Swift—Adopting functional programming by Manuel Chakravarty

At the 2014 August CocoaHeads meetup in Sydney we were verty fortunate to have Manuel Chakravarty give us a talk titled “Swift—Adopting functional programming”. Manuel is an internationally renowned expert on functional programming based here in Sydney. Manuel is this year’s

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Super! Awesome! Functional! Reactive! with ReactiveCocoa!

CocoaHeads new injection Lawrence Lomax not only has the third best name after Max Power and Scott Speed, he gave a great talk titled “Super! Awesome! Functional! Reactive! with ReactiveCocoa!”. Apparently it’s something to do with cats.

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Craig Stanford – Layer Masking

Craig Stanford walks us through the basics of layer masking – using a monochromatic CALayer as as content mask for another CALayer. Music: What’s that Sound, by 20 Riverside from the Podsafe Music Network.

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Anthony Egerton—Introduction to Instruments

Introduction to Instruments by AnthonyEgerton. Introduction to Instruments Presentation, recorded at Cocoaheads Sydney 13th September 2012.

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Cameron Barrie—The Chuck Testa guide to skinning your dead app

At the March Sydney CocoaHeads Cameron Barrie (@whalec) gave a great talk on his approach to custom UIKit interface development. Forgive us for the poor quality audio and video – our technology for that month was a Logitech webcam.

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Mark Aufflick—MGATableView

MGATableView—Making easy UITableViews easy

Presented by Mark Aufflick. Mark introduces a class he wrote to reduce the pain of simple static UITableViews. Slides are available on

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