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Swift—Adopting functional programming by Manuel Chakravarty

At the 2014 August CocoaHeads meetup in Sydney we were verty fortunate to have Manuel Chakravarty give us a talk titled “Swift—Adopting functional programming”. Manuel is an internationally renowned expert on functional programming based here in Sydney. Manuel is this year’s

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Mark Aufflick—MGATableView

MGATableView—Making easy UITableViews easy

Presented by Mark Aufflick. Mark introduces a class he wrote to reduce the pain of simple static UITableViews. Slides are available on

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Cameron Barrie—iOS & Memory Management

Cameron Barrie - iOS & Memory Management

Presented by Cameron Barrie. Cam gives a great refresher on the techniques, rules and conventions for Cocoa memory management.

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Chris Suter—Blocks

Presented by Chris Suter. An introduction to Blocks in C and Objective-C with some gotcha’s to look out for. Keynote slides can be downloaded in this zip file.

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Alan Rogers—Intro to Cappuccino and Objective-J

Presented by Alan Rogers. This presentation is an introduction to the Cappuccino web framework and its language, Objective-J. It is essentially a port of Cocoa to an Objective-C syntax on top of Javascript. It works way better than it sounds!

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Mark Aufflick—Adding Apple IR Support to Your App

Presented by Mark Aufflick at the inaugural Sydney CocoaHeads, this talk gives an introduction to Martin Kahr’s Apple Remote framework for adding IR remote access capabilities to your app. Slides and updated notes are available at

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André Pang—Objective-C Internals

I’m re-posting older talks that I have as blog posts so I can replace the old and rarely-updated “Talks” page with a category. This talk is from the very first Sydney CocoaHeads presentation meeting (there were two prior social meetings)

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